In most cases, double-acting tools are lighter and more compact than comparable crimping and cutting equipment, insuring easier and safer use. This is especially important in compact working areas and hot stick use when every ounce of a tool’s weight is felt by the operator.

The one-hand valve operation is safer and easier to use, leaving your other hand free to control the tool head. Each valve has two pressure reliefs for extra safety: One to reduce the return cycle pressure to prevent damage to the tool; The second to protect against over pressurizing.

Each Reliable crimping head has a built-in pressure reducing cavity to reduce the risk of personal injury from a high-pressure oil leak.

The REL-10-1 INTENSIFIER — features a built-in pressure relief to control system pressure build-up. Specifically, an unloading valve dumps the working pressure at 4,000 to 10,000 psi. An additional safety relief provides protection in case the unloading valve should fail.

RELIABLE VALVES — feature one-hand operation for extreme ease of use. They can be direct-coupled to the tool or, if you wish, attached with hoses for remote operation. In addition, they feature a built-in relief valve to limit tool return pressure and a ground dump safety valve to prevent over pressurizing in case the return hose becomes disconnected or plugged.

CRIMPING HEADS — In many cases, double-acting crimping heads are lighter than competitive models. Designed to accept Reliable’s R6 (6 ton), R12 (12 ton), 60 ton, and 100 ton dies as well as many existing dies from Alcan, Alcoa, Blackburn, Brock, Burndy, Greenlee, Huskie, and Thomas & Betts.

CUTTERS — All cutters are double-acting and available in capacities from 1/2 in. to 4 in. Some models can handle a wide range of materials, including rebar, ACSR, guy strand, and bolts.


Better Tool Control– start, stop, feather, and position your crimping or cutting head with ease.

No Die Hang-Ups — crisply retracts the die after every crimp. Consistent Pressure – Delivers up to 10,000 psi at tool head, regardless of positioning.

Quality Features — Lightweight, built-in pressure reliefs; ground dumps; scavenger pump reduces back-pressure problems; one-hand valve operation; and certified non-conductive hoses.

Portability — Lighter and more compact than most other tools.

Adaptability — Use your truck’s existing system or one of our portable power units. Compatible with a variety of hydraulic power sources.