Rubber Fiberglass Testing


RELIABLE EQUIPMENT is a manufacturer and master supplier dedicated to the continued support of the power utility and line construction industries throughout the COVID-19 plight.

RELIABLE will have experienced personnel dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our industry and continuing the level of service indicated by our name.

We have forged alliances with many of the industry’s leading manufacturers to ensure the strongest possible supply chain.

RELIABLE has increased our inventory of many of the most common items, in an effort to reduce the effects of unforeseen circumstances.

The dedication of our personnel, combined with the commitment of our industry partners, will help us to support the efforts of the industries that continue to bring a sense of normalcy to these trying times.

Call: 215-357-3500 or 800-966-3530

In the Event of an Emergency Our Professional Staff is Available 24/7.

 now boasts a line of more than 125 American made hydraulic tools & utility products (hydraulic crimpers, cutters, spearing tools, valves, intensifiers, portable power units, capstans, chain saws, impact wrenches, ground rod and sign post drivers) for use in all phases of D.O.T., Power Utility, and Line Construction. Not to mention an impressive line of manual tools and accessories, including our own lineman’s wrenches, ratcheting cable cutters, compression tools, dies, socket sets, hydraulic hose sets, as well as grounding and jumper assemblies.

RELIABLE is built on relationships with both our customers and vendors. Our expansive inventory is supported by a knowledgeable sales force, experienced service personnel, and effective purchasing and shipping departments.